My Little Life in Lansing

I have done many spontaneous things throughout my life that have worked out well for me most of the time, and I’m actually very proud of. Some examples are: parasailing, skydiving, taking off to California on a whim, taking a class and state exam to get a license for properties and 1560680_10152541185378026_5829916328391525143_ncasualties insurance (passed the exam the first time, I might add), changed my mind many times about what to go to school for (I even became a certified nurse aide), called in to work to take care of an injured baby bird (it lived to tell the tail), went on a camping trip with friends (I should say “camping”), calling up a friend to go ice skating in Detroit around the holidays, and many other things. With all of this being said, I think the thing I’m most proud of at the moment, is my move to Lansing.

Although many people protested my move, and I complained11150479_10152950366638026_4120775682121130209_n about it a lot shortly after moving here, I’m learning to love it; things are falling into place. I have a job that I love, I’m officially starting my photography business, I’m choosing to finally finish my bachelor’s degree, and I have a James by my side who protects, supports, and loves me. He and I have a lovely, quiet one bedroom apartment that feels like home, we’re raising a gecko and adopted a dog, both of us are working very hard toward our own goals, and in turn, our goals as a couple. I have the little family that I’ve always wanted. As much as I miss being close to everyone I love dearly, this move has grown me.

It was a difficult decision to make. Leaving everything behind scared me, but I decided to follow my gut and make the move. Throughout my past few months here I’ve learned patience is a wonderful virtue, even when you’re living with your best friend/amazing boyfriend. Discipline is a godsend, when your mom is no longer there to tell you to finish your homework instead of playing video games. Responsibilities literally cannot wait, otherwise you may have puppy accidents on your hands… or bed. I’ve learned to enjoy my alone time at whole new levels, and because of this I feel empowered. There are two lessons that I would deem the most important since I moved: the people who love you are always cheering you on from afar, even if you don’t speak with them everyday, and do what you know is best for you. Follow your gut, take the leap of faith, and be adventurous. Life has a funny way of working out eventually, and we all have the same finish line, so make the most of it. Decide what you want and go get it.

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