Kelly and Erickson

K&E36While I was in the process of packing my things to move from Lansing to Marysville several months ago, I received a text message from Kelly asking me to photograph her wedding. I was ecstatic. I met Kelly back in high school and always thought she was one of the coolest girls in town. Although, we lost touch when she moved away for school, I will always be fond of the memories we made back in the day. From beach days, to movie/game nights, to “camping” – it was always a good time. I’m incredibly happy that she found a man like Erickson who makes her smile so brightly and cares about her deeply. I love knowing that my friends are happy, and I’m excited to catch more evidence of their love and happiness on their big day!K&E29K&E20K&E3K&E7K&E13K&E16K&E1K&E28K&E25K&E30K&E32K&E34K&E31